Saturday , 15 June 2024


Sharp (LC-32SA4500X)

LC-32SA4500X Software Download

Sharp (LC-32SA4500X): Stuck on logo problem? We will have the software (LC-32SA4500X) for Sharp TVĀ  you can install it from Pendrive. If you have a message from any Sharp company, then message me on WhatsApp, and you can call me, and I will tell you how to install the software. Sharp (LC-32SA4500X) Software download LC-32SA4500X This sharp TV is stuck …

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Cloudwalker (43SF) Stuck on logo problem

Cloudwalker 43SF Software Download

How to fix Cloudwalker 43SF tv stuck on logo problem is common if you want to fix this so update software but carefully don’t install any wrong If you want this TV, then message me on WhatsApp or call me, and I will tell you the solution on how to fix it. It is very easy to fix the problem …

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MTC TV Stuck on Logo Problem

MTC TV Stuck on Logo Problem Software Download

MTC TV Stuck on Logo Problem Software Download If you do, then your TV will turn off, and it will never turn on You will have to change the motherboard, ok, because you don’t know the proper number of your motherboard You don’t know the series now How can you use the firmware without knowing? Give me the model number …

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Reconnect (RELEE4303)

Reconnect (RELEE4303) TV Stuck on logo

Reconnect (RELEE4303) Stuck on logo problem it has an update problem it does not go logo only Reconnect comes written it does not go ahead To fix this error we have to install firmware. I am giving my WhatsApp link here You can directly tax me by clicking on this Your model number details, tv details, all details, you can …

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