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Classpro JUC7.820.00243914 Firmware download in this motherboard problem is stuck on logo we will fix this issue using firmware first check voltage of motherboard then try to install software.

Board number : Classpro JUC7.820.00243914 firmware download

Remote : Same original

Classpro model : EGS55UHD,EGS65UHD

JUC7.820.00243914 firmware download

Original Classpro JUC7.820.00243914 Firmware for kindly contact me

WhatsApp Text +918534891945 +917017115841

JUC7.820.00243914 Firmware download

Send me model number in my whatsapp and problem video will guide you how to install firmware.

EGS55UHD Stuck on logo (software download)

EGS65UHD Software download ( Stuck on logo)

JUC7.820.00243914 Firmware

JUC7.820.00237309 software download

EGS65UHD AND EGS55UHD STUCK ON LOGO ( Hard reset classpro tv not possible)

JUC7.820.00237309 Firmware download

EGS50UHD Firmware

CGS55UHD Firmware

EGS50UHD Firmware
CGS65UHD Firmware

EGS65UHD Firmware

EGS55UHD Firmware

Software Install successfully

Classpro freeze on logo and restart problem

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