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CV950H-A42 CV950XH-A42 Kodak Thomson

Hello Friends Today I’m providing Thomson tv CV950H-A42 Stuck on logo: In this motherboard, the problem is hang-on logo. so i will give you solution how to fix this problem First, check ram size and rom size There are two types of boards in the market.

Thomson Stuck on logo CV950XH-A42

the first is 1920*1080, which means full HD, and the second is 1366*768 this is non-hd board. i have all type of Android motherboards, like a cv338h-a42 and more type of available if you want any software visit my website, call me or WhatsApp me.

CV950H-A42 Software download
CV950H-A42 Stuck on logo problem
CV950H-A42 kodak software

Most of the problems are on this board and on logo. If you are stuck on logo, do not use the wrong software If you use wrong file your board, go to stand by mode, then use emcc file help by rt809h after you fix that problem.

CV950XH-A42 Kodak Thomson

this is my website: click here and get more types, like Both resolutions of software are available if you want, so call me or WhatsApp me.


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