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JUC7.820.00243914 Software download update with usb best android driver network motherboard supports 4k resolution and quard core processor and refresh rate are good 60Hz. this board has latest android version and working wifi and Audio driver and brightness of 300cd working with 4K resolution and 3 USB Ports include.

Board : JUC7.820.00243914 firmware

JUC7.820.00243914 Software download

Display size 50 inches LED panel constrast are 5000 ratio 50hz build with WI-FI and coxial audio RJ45 input data pvr recording tv in classpro JUC7.820.00243914 Firmware version update voltage are high carefull update firmware in Frequency 50-60 or HDR high dynamic range technolodgy.

JUC7.820.00243914 software download stuck on logo problem

JUC7.820.00243914 Firmware update

JUC7.820.00243914 firmware download

Model number: CGS65UHD,EGS55UHD firmware download

Resolution: 4K


USB: 2


Rom: GB

Update: USB

Input: RJ45

Refresh rate: 60Hz

Weight: 4kg

Voltage range: 110v


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Classpro JUC7.820.00243914 Firmware download in this motherboard problem is stuck on logo we will fix …